Introducción · Memorias del III Congreso Internacional de Transformación Educativa · Comité Organizador · Convocan


Jimena Martínez Marreros y Norma Flores González

Universidad Autónoma de Puebla


Teachers are facing a new era in which technology as a whole has changed the ways of thinking, behavior and ways of interaction. Students are not the same to whom they were 20 years before, and for that reason it is necessary to look for new learning opportunities that complement the teachers’ work and guarantee students the learning of competences that enable them to perform in different situations. The new applications for smart phones best known as apps have emerged as a digital resource to offer support especially in the field of language teaching becoming in an alternative mechanism for students to be in touch with the language they are learning in an attractive and real way. The purpose of the present research is to know how the “Hello Talk” app helps students to improve their oral and written production. In order to do it, a quantitative study was conducted getting the following results: the app promotes effective communication in a more coherent way, increase their vocabulary and motivation to write in a foreign language. Besides, students developed more reasoned arguments on a variety of topics.

In conclusion, this app was recognized as a powerful tool to develop not only writing but also speaking skills.

Key words: Hello Talk app, written production, foreign language.

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