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Texto en español: Convocatoria al II Congreso Internacional de Transformación Educativa


The Educational Transformation Council (CTE in Spanish) is an organization which is citizen based, independent, diverse, anti-dogmatic and open to dialog. It integrates thinkers, investigators, teachers, parents and individuals commited with social and cultural life and with education on Mexico and Latin America.

Established subjects and scholar routines contrast with the fast access to multiple technological sources of information and alternative interaction of the new generations. A paradigm shift is needed, towards an inclusive and democratic model which considers diverse alternative proposals and favor dialog and self-management, including contributions from the original native nations. A change is needed in the teaching-learning process in schools, which will have an essential role to overcome the many family issues and to open new paths for social reality transformation.



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  1. To create a forum of shared reflection, ideas exchange and connection between people, groups and institutions.
  2. To know and spread innovative proposals on education that promote creative learning, team work, receptive dialog and non-violent vocation as a way of life for the people.
  3. To create initiatives for the systematization of concepts, pedagogical and didactic methodologies and techniques, that encourage passion for adquiring knowledge and learning among with social commitment.
  4. To overcome dogmatic tendencies and to promote dialog between different ways of thinking and doing, as a proof of possibilities of valuation and integration in the cultural diversity.
  5. To promote research works and innovative experiences in professional teaching environment.
  6. Appropriation of educational models of the Good Living, from the wëjën Käjën of the native indigenous nations from the Abya yala, and from everywhere else on the planet.

Central themes

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  1. Education panorama: necessities and transformation possibilites.
  2. Peace oriented Education, emotions, values and social relations.
  3. Viability, environment awareness and health education.
  4. Educational social commitmente, connection with communities, culture and training.
  5. New technologies, didactic materials and educational transformation.
  6. Teaching reality and alternatives for professional activities: ethics, formation and evaluation.
  7. Pedagogical perspectives, educational strategies, program design and educational evaluation and management.
  8. Education from within the family and the community.
  9. Science and educational research.
  10. Education from within the Good Living, wëjën käjën from the native indigenous nations.

Forms of participation

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  • Master lectures
  • Discussion forums
  • Papers
  • Symposium
  • Posters
  • Workshops
  • Real life experiences
  • Books and magazines presentations
  • Attendance

Abstract submission form

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  • Abstracts must be sent in Word, Arial font 12, and must be a maximum of 400 words.
  • Title should be placed at the beginning, 10 words maximum, centered and typed with BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • Name(s) and Last name(s) of the author(s), indicating institutional appointment of every author, e-mail and cell-phone. Please separate authors with semi-colons. Example: Gustavo Carpintero Vega; Efraín Moreno Cordourier; Fernando Ramírez García
  • Next to author data, please center the word ABSTRACT with bold capital letters.
  • After that place the abstract of the paper, briefly describing the main content of the work along the keywords. Do not include bibliography, graphics or tables. Please specify the form of participation and the central theme of the work.
  • Papers written in indigenous languages can be registered. In such case send the original abstract and its translation to spanish or english. Each paper can include a maximum of 4 authors. An author can appear in a maximum of 4 papers.

Digital book (with ISBN) publication option

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Please send complete text, maximum 20 pages, in Word, Arial font 12, 1.5 spacing, before July 15, 2015 to submit it to editorial committee approval in order to be included in the digital book with ISBN number. Please include bibliography, graphics and tables if applies.


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Before May 30, 2015 From May 31 to July 15, 2015

From July 16, 2015 to the opening of the Congress

General public

650 mexican pesos (45 dollars aprox.) 850 mexican pesos (58 dollars aprox.) 1250 mexican pesos (86 dollars aprox.)

Teachers with credential

450 mexican pesos (31 dollars aprox.) 650 mexican pesos (45 dollars aprox.) 850 mexican pesos (58 dollars aprox.)

Students with credential

350 mexican pesos (24 dollars aprox.) 550 mexican pesos (36 dollars aprox.) 750 mexican pesos (51 dollars aprox.)

Directors of educational institutions

550 mexican pesos (36 dollars aprox.) 750 mexican pesos (51 dollars aprox.) 1050 mexican pesos (72 dollars aprox.)

Members of the Educational Transformation Council

300 mexican pesos (21 dollars aprox.) 450 mexican pesos (31 dollars aprox.) 650 mexican pesos (45 dollars aprox.)
Pay online registration


After paying your registration please fill in the online registration form.

Bank deposit

Account number: 60-56191434-7 Santander
Sucursal 0150 Atlacomulco
International Bank Code: 01442660561914347
Please send tichet to congreso@transformación-educativa.com.

All registered participants will be granted with a gaffette, folder, paper sheets, a memoirs cd and an attendance verification.